Hello again!

We are BACK after a 6 week break from the Newsboys United Tour! The band is feeling rested and ready for the summer tour and armed with a whole new set and some new merch as well! 

Our return with the NBU tour found the band in the Southeast, with shows in Macon GA, Birmingham AL, Valdosta GA, and Hattiesburg MS. All of the shows this past weekend were loads of fun, but Valdosta’s show particularly was a blast, as we played outdoors at Wild Adentures Theme Park, which of course found the band on roller coasters and floating around in a wave pool. 

A Zealand show + roller coasters = Best case scenario!

We are now in Becker, MN with our friends Teen Serve, a wonderful camp that we lead worship at each year that partakes in service projects for people in need around each new town.

From Minnesota, we quickly head back South on Thursday for shows in Jackson TN, Texarkana TX, Enid OK, and Midland TX. 

We’ll see you out there! 



Ben Garrett

Well hello, everybody! 

   Today is Friday May 11th and the spring leg of the Newsboys United Tour is officially over! The last 11 days of touring have been amazing and filled with countless adventures, lovely people, and great times spent worshipping and making music. 

Last week's blog left of with the tour in Orlando, FL and we head out the following day for a day off in Hammond Louisiana where we had a very low key day of eating tacos, adventuring through the town, and sitting by the pool. We recharged ourselves for the remaining shows which found the tour back in...Texas, of course!

The following three Texas shows found the tour in San Antonio, Allen, and Lubbock and we continued our jaunt of getting loads of sun and feeling the Texas love! In Lubbock, our sound engineer, the infamous, BAM, scored the band some free tickets to the Texas Tech vs. Texas baseball game that was happening directly across the street from the venue.

Texas never felt so TEXAN! 

The last show of the tour found the band in Shawnee, OK at the Firelake Arena. The show went off without a hitch and the entire day just felt like the last day of school to us, as we've been trudging forward with the tour pretty non-stop since February! We've watched the seasons change over this tour and now that it's finally warm outside, we're starting to dream up what the summer set and tour will look like. We are so thankful for all of the wonderful volunteers who have helped us sell merchandise all across the country and to all of the stage hands who have helped us quickly tear down our gear after our set...especially because we like vintage gear, which usually means "heavy and cumbersome".

A massive thanks to the NEWSBOYS & co for having us on this tour! We have felt the hospitality and have quickly made some great friends on the tour. 

Last but not least, we want to thank our families and friends for coming out to the shows to show us support and also a massive thanks to our loved ones back home who have managed to hold the fort while we have been away for the last 3 months!

The next six weeks will be a nice time of rest and relaxation from the tour before we head back out with the Newsboys United Tour on June 21st. 

ALSO! Thanks to everyone who has been following the tour blog. It's been a lot of fun to recount the fun adventures on the tour and share them with you!

'Til Next Time,

Ben Garrett

Ben Garrett

Hey friends!

This weekend’s run of shows found the band in Louisiana, Texas, and an off day in Destin, FL on the beach for another round of BBQ Newsboys style. We are equal parts proud of the shows, rested, and freshly sun burnt! 😎

Our first two shows found us in Lake Charles, LA and Alexandria, LA and we of course partook in the local delicacy of crawfish and boudin. Jody Davis, guitarist for newsboys, showed us his pro-tips for eating crawfish and we quickly fell in love with the Louisiana tradition.

After Louisiana, we headed to Abilene, TX and Houston, TX where we felt the Texan love. Texas loves the Newsboys and inadvertently, we felt the love by proxy! We took out our trusty banana seat bike on a few epic excursions around the cities and got a foundation of sun burn for our coming day off in Destin, FL!

Monday we spent the entire day relaxing and enjoying a day off in Destin, FL. By the end of the day, we had consumed enough sunshine, ocean waves, and steak to make us feel adequately rested and fresh!

Yesterday’s show was sold out in Orlando, FL at First Baptist Church and the love was certainly present as well as the humidity. We spent the day recording a new Zealand track in our dressing room and are feeling pretty amped on how it turned out!!

The rest of this week find the Newsboys United Tour in San Antonio, TX , Allen, TX , Lubbock, TX , and our last show of the spring tour in Shawnee, OK!

See you out there!





Ben Garrett

Hey everybody,

I hope this blog post finds you well!  

This past weekend of shows was a return to form for the band, as our drummer, Ben Bugna, has returned from his epic trip abroad. The whole band is back and operating on all cylinders. The boys are back in town!

This weekend had the Newsboys United Tour out East playing in Worcester, MA , Newark, DE , Binghamton, NY , and State College, PA. All of the shows felt GREAT and we’re so thankful for our friends, family, and new friends that came out!

On top of the band’s standard “tour day,” which consists of various different tasks that include setting up merch, ensuring all of our gear is loaded in, out of cases, sound-checked, and ready on stage, we also try and explore the cities we’re in and also work on new material! 

In Boston, I was lucky enough to buy a vintage electric piano called a Yamaha CP-60, which is a late 80’s touring piano, and a rare piece of gear I’m extremely fond of. We’re always on the prowl for musical instruments, gear, and good thrift finds out here on the road. The band and I feel blessed to get to travel across America to not only lead worship, play music, meet new people, AND to get the opportunity to feel like the American Pickers as we sniff out cool gear and records!! 😊

We quickly put the newly acquired piano to work in our dressing room the following day in Newark, DE for a new demo. There’s a lot to be inspired by as we continue on this tour!  

The spring leg of the Newsboys United Tour finishes up next week! We head out this evening for 9 shows in 11 days. We hope to see you out there!!  



4-26 : Lake Charles, LA

 4-27 : Alexandria, LA

4-28 : Abilene, TX

4-29 : Houston, TX

5-1 : Orlando, DL

5-3 : San Antonio, TX

5-4 : Allen, TX

5-5 : Lubbock, TX

5-6 : Shawnee, Ok


Ben Garrett