3.14.18 Newsboys United Tour Blog (Numero Three)


Hey everybody! 

We are currently back home in Nashville after a weekend of three GREAT shows in the midwest on the Newsboys United tour! Our first stop was Eden Prairie, MN (outside of Minneapolis) for a sold-out show of about 4,000 people. The evening felt AMAZING and we feel so blessed to be in the room, let alone lead worship!  

Our good friend Jim Detloff of Glory Guitars was kind enough to set up a demo station backstage featuring his new builds of the last few years. Backstage quickly turned into a guitar crazed hodge podge of amazingness (yea, that good!). Peter, Phil, Ben, and Roger all took turns passing around the guitars and ended up playing a few of them for the night’s show! I’ve personally been playing one of Jim’s guitars, The Voice Of Thunder, for the past 3 years, so having the whole band geek out over Glory Guitars was really special. 

Go check out http://gloryguitars.com for more information on how you can pick up one of these amazing guitars & basses! 

Phil, Ben, and Roger are now exclusively playing Glory Guitars on the Newsboys United Tour!  

The rest of this weekend’s shows brought us to Dubuque, IA and Sioux Falls, SD where we were able to catch up with some family and close friends. We’re so grateful for this opportunity and cannot wait for this upcoming week’s shows! 


We hope to see you soon on the Newsboys United Tour! 


Ben Garrett


Ben Garrett