Hey everybody!

  This weekend of shows was truly one for the books. The Newsboys United Tour is operating at full-speed and is getting to that glorious point where everything is running like a well-oiled machine, whether it be loading-in, setting up merchandise, eating too much in catering, or even the show itself. The band is having a great time getting to travel the country side, see some amazing sites and sounds, and also get to share the stage every night with the Newsboys. 

We feel SO grateful and we just want to thank everyone who has come out to the shows and are still planning on making it out the tour. You're the reason this is working!!

This weekend's journey took us to Troy, Oh , Cleveland, OH, and Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

We were able to explore Troy a little bit and scored an amazing pour-over coffee at Pure Bred coffee and even splurged for the homemade pop-tarts and coffee cake. It's not everyday a smaller midwest town has a coffee shop this epic, so we felt extra happy and ultra-caffeinated! 

Cleveland's venue was the gorgeous Public Auditorium which features the unique "double venue" with a massive hall on one side of the stage and beautiful theatre on the other side. The venue certainly was a beautiful sight for the band to look out at and the backstage was inadvertently the largest and prettiest backstage, as it was the actual hall used for larger concerts. On September 15, 1964, the Beatles played the auditorium, so we felt even cooler about the evening.

During the day we hit up the historic and inspiring Rock 'n Roll Hall Of Fame, which means we drooled and gawked and our favorite Rock 'n Roll memorabilia and had an extra spring in our step to really bring our best to the evening's show at the theatre. We were pleased with the results :)

Our last stop on this run was Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the home of our favorite online music retailer, Sweetwater. Our friends Jeff Barnett and Andrew Scriven picked us up from the venue and gave us the grand tour of what felt like "gear heaven". We were able to film an interview as a band and hopefully that will be up soon. Thank to the Sweetwater team for their support!!

Next week is looking like a great weekend and a little warmer than the midwest, as we'll be in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. See you down South!!

'Til Next Time,

Ben Garrett

Ben Garrett