Hey everybody,

I hope this blog post finds you well!  

This past weekend of shows was a return to form for the band, as our drummer, Ben Bugna, has returned from his epic trip abroad. The whole band is back and operating on all cylinders. The boys are back in town!

This weekend had the Newsboys United Tour out East playing in Worcester, MA , Newark, DE , Binghamton, NY , and State College, PA. All of the shows felt GREAT and we’re so thankful for our friends, family, and new friends that came out!

On top of the band’s standard “tour day,” which consists of various different tasks that include setting up merch, ensuring all of our gear is loaded in, out of cases, sound-checked, and ready on stage, we also try and explore the cities we’re in and also work on new material! 

In Boston, I was lucky enough to buy a vintage electric piano called a Yamaha CP-60, which is a late 80’s touring piano, and a rare piece of gear I’m extremely fond of. We’re always on the prowl for musical instruments, gear, and good thrift finds out here on the road. The band and I feel blessed to get to travel across America to not only lead worship, play music, meet new people, AND to get the opportunity to feel like the American Pickers as we sniff out cool gear and records!! 😊

We quickly put the newly acquired piano to work in our dressing room the following day in Newark, DE for a new demo. There’s a lot to be inspired by as we continue on this tour!  

The spring leg of the Newsboys United Tour finishes up next week! We head out this evening for 9 shows in 11 days. We hope to see you out there!!  



4-26 : Lake Charles, LA

 4-27 : Alexandria, LA

4-28 : Abilene, TX

4-29 : Houston, TX

5-1 : Orlando, DL

5-3 : San Antonio, TX

5-4 : Allen, TX

5-5 : Lubbock, TX

5-6 : Shawnee, Ok


Ben Garrett