Hey friends!

This weekend’s run of shows found the band in Louisiana, Texas, and an off day in Destin, FL on the beach for another round of BBQ Newsboys style. We are equal parts proud of the shows, rested, and freshly sun burnt! 😎

Our first two shows found us in Lake Charles, LA and Alexandria, LA and we of course partook in the local delicacy of crawfish and boudin. Jody Davis, guitarist for newsboys, showed us his pro-tips for eating crawfish and we quickly fell in love with the Louisiana tradition.

After Louisiana, we headed to Abilene, TX and Houston, TX where we felt the Texan love. Texas loves the Newsboys and inadvertently, we felt the love by proxy! We took out our trusty banana seat bike on a few epic excursions around the cities and got a foundation of sun burn for our coming day off in Destin, FL!

Monday we spent the entire day relaxing and enjoying a day off in Destin, FL. By the end of the day, we had consumed enough sunshine, ocean waves, and steak to make us feel adequately rested and fresh!

Yesterday’s show was sold out in Orlando, FL at First Baptist Church and the love was certainly present as well as the humidity. We spent the day recording a new Zealand track in our dressing room and are feeling pretty amped on how it turned out!!

The rest of this week find the Newsboys United Tour in San Antonio, TX , Allen, TX , Lubbock, TX , and our last show of the spring tour in Shawnee, OK!

See you out there!





Ben Garrett